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  To cultivate the talents, implement mutual development plan.
  Steel Group has now formed a sound level three training management system; establish the pre-job training, on-the-job training, training and self development in one of the all-round, multi-level training system development; take part in domestic and international training and study the combination of talent development mode; building is steel group internal training instructor group, make full use of internal resources, mining talent; establish is Steel Group Electrical occupation skill training school, skill talent grow, become successful, offering a full range of services. But also the use of teachers, nurturing talent, such as Peking University jointly organized the EMBA MBA education classes, and the Shanghai Jiaotong University to hold MBA jointly seminar, and Shanghai Chi enterprise management consulting company limited to build joint Senior occupation managers team, Xi'an Jiaotong University jointly organized with electrical training courses, for talents with platform, so that employees and enterprises grow together.

  Strengthening the system innovation, the system innovation as cited before, use only, Yucai, leaving only the security.
  Steel Group has developed" the recruitment of human resources management measures"," rules for the implementation of the staff promotion"," staff education and training management approach"," the staff performance appraisal management approach" to wait for more than twenty system, and the combination of enterprise development and innovation on a regular basis to improve the system, with the system as cited before, use only, Yucai, stay to guarantee.

  Establish workstation of postdoctoral scientific research, cultivation of the core competitiveness of enterprises.
  In order to comply with the needs of enterprise development, by the State Ministry of Personnel approved, steel group in 2000 April in the same industry in the domestic first established a post-doctoral scientific research workstation. Now, the enterprise has been formed to doctorate or master's degrees, bachelor degree, college graduates personnel as the main body of a pyramidal structure of talent and T talents training and the use of system.