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  People oriented management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises!
  Steel Group since its establishment, always adhere to the implementation of the " people-oriented" management philosophy, and make it become the key to improve the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises.

  Wide open and recruiting channels, the Quartet invites talents to join.
  Steel Group actively expand the recruiting channel, take" two into, much channel" all-round talents mode. One is into all kinds of talent market, attract business for all types of talents. Two is entered universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua in Institutions of higher learning talent dialogue, and university personnel to negotiate, communicate, two-way choice; and at the Xi'an Jiao Tong University and other colleges and universities set up scholarship students, signed agreement to solve the Yucai, talents, steel group development talent source problem. In addition, through international cooperation, the establishment of talent headhunting company, website and other channels to attract talents.

  Free use of personnel, implementation person hillock to reasonable configuration.
  Steel Group adhere to the " sage's habitat, the home side, one centered, winners in front of" principle of the use of people, establish the" cadres, personnel can be entered can go out, can set can remove, low incomes can the" four" with person mechanism. Through the designed for employee occupation career development planning, combined with performance evaluation, education and training, job rotation exercise system, create a good environment and healthy competition with incentive mechanism.

  Creating talent-retaining environment, maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises.
  Steel group to carry out" to the feelings, cause, treatment, keep people culture" retention strategy. As the leading regular visits, establish the worker's home, build expert building, run the staff canteen, tissue weekend theater and calligraphy and photography, sports competitions, enhance staff-to-business identity, to keep people feeling; help staff occupation career development planning and implementation, make people have a sense of achievement and career pride, thereby generating an" enterprise I Rong Xing, enterprise bad I shame " sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging, to cause to keep people; to pay system reform, execute paid vacation, implementation of full insurance, lifting the talent" any menace from the" rear "", in order to achieve the treatment to keep people; to strengthen the building of enterprise culture, adhere to the "people-oriented " management philosophy, to keep people culture.

  All rivers run into sea", make dragon flies; 1000 boats compete, either to heroes. "
  Steel Group 's talent philosophy is and will continue to promote their health, rapid development.