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  The enterprise culture is the enterprise spirit, excellent quality, the pursuit of value, civilized behavior, the credibility of the concentrated expression of the image. Steel Group's rapid development, thanks to the party's reform and opening up policy, thanks to all sectors of the community concern and support and all the joint efforts is the Steelers, but also benefited from the corporate culture of innovation and development. Over the years, the group has formed a unique corporate culture of West germany.

● Theme: responsibility is satisfied that period, technical quality, reliable is ZhengGang.

● Values: to write is the ZhengGang dignity quality.
  Quality refers not only to the quality of products and services, but includes product, personality, reputation, services such as a full range of optimization and the cultivation of quality culture, quality of environment. Personality is human quality, human dignity, was the Steelers not only to the high quality of personal pride, dignity, more committed to striving for the Chinese own international brands," steel" from the Chinese brand development for the world famous brand, reflected the national dignity.

● Mission: to provide customers with excellent products and value-added services.
  ZhengGang group to customers as the center, the pursuit of superior products and services. Excellence is to high-quality products, to meet customer needs and the reality of potential demand, and from product quality to the work style, value added service extension, to manufacture carefully, service sincere, implementation, assured users.

● Vision: to build a strong international competitiveness of enterprises of excellence.
  Grasp the development trend of the world economy, the consolidation of the original industry, promote the development of advanced manufacturing, high-tech industries, energy mining industry the three core industries, and strive to achieve is steel brand internationalization.

● Talent concept: all rivers run into sea, let the Dragon flies;1000 boats compete, either to heroes.
  The company's talent has two meanings: one is a wide range of domestic and foreign talent, is in the steel platform to exhibit elegant demeanour; two is not only love, only good, let people do their best, can only do its wisdom.