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Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Dongguan Metal & Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd. is steel.

Was born in Dongguan on the fertile soil of this magical metal is steel, plastic mold Co., Ltd., after 20 years of hard work, from a family workshop into a set of capital operation and brand operation and industrial operation as one large group. West Germany's development, thanks to the Party's policy of reform and opening up, thanks to all levels of leadership and strong community support, thanks to the concerted efforts of all staff.

Today, fast-changing international situation, the market economy rough. Steel Metal & Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. is the development is still an important stage in the transformation and upgrading, is in the "butterfly cocoon" critical period. We will firmly grasp the strategic business development, scientific development, determined to lead the world into the trend of high-tech industries or areas, to create a steel industry is a new world of economic globalization.

In this, I hope the staff through the website of this window to see is steel, fully display their wisdom, and businesses grow. At the same time, eager to friends, as always, care and support are steel, work together for mutual benefit and common steel industry is to create a brighter tomorrow!