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  Steel Metal & Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. was established in 1979,So far, more than twenty years of professional experience in the production mold spare parts.In Yu Dengnan chairman and joint efforts of all staff,Taiwan is in the mold parts in all the major manufacturers of production.

  Based on the current mainland Chinese manufacturers need to use high-quality,Excellent service the increased demand for mold parts,Zhenggangsheshao line technology,Quality,Service concept,Sincere service and overseas Taiwanese businessmen friends,In October 1995 in mainland China Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province officially set up branch,March 2002 to meet customers' increasing,Production capacity needs,Amplification of the stream plant

About (2500 square meters).and set up a branch in Jiangsu Kunshan Penglang Town.At present the main production:Division thimble tube,Flat tip,Inserts the needle-shaped.Finished tip, Guide,Bushing,And mold accessories,Dozens of.Japan set to increase in service Jin CNC lathe,Lu Japanese electrical ion nitriding,Two-mode automatic forging machine double,Laser Measurement System,Automatic feed grinding,Automatic set-inch grinder,Taiwan is currently the largest in mainland China,The most sophisticated equipment manufacturer of molded parts.

Steel from the factory is open since,Always uphold the:

  1、Technology,Quality,Delivery time and reliable business philosophy

  2、First-class product quality

  3、Advanced production and processing technology and equipment

  4、Reasonable manufacturing price